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AttoTest™ HIV Rapid Test
Volume: 1 time
Weight: 80g
Place of production: Hong Kong
Producer: AttoTest™
DESCRIPTION HIV ATTOHEALTH HOME RAPID TEST DUE TO THE 3 MONTHS WINDOW PERIOD, PURCHASE OF 3 PACKS IS RECOMMENDED.Negative result does not guarantee there is no HIV antibody in low concentration. Thus the test should be repeated in day 1, day 30 and day 90 if you suspect of being infected. Simple testing procedure, you can all do it yourself at home For you and your loved one, perform a safe and accurate test. Simple: Only two drops of blood is enough for the test. Reliable: Qualitatively detect HIV1, HIV2 and HIVO. >99% accuracy. Fast: Result in 15 minutes. Convenient: Additional equipment and stop eating before the test is not needed.Principle of the procedure The assay starts with a sample and diluent applied to the respective well. The HIV antigen-colloidal gold conjugate embedded in the sample pad reacts with the HIV antibody present in blood, serum or plasma sample forming conjugate/HIV antibody complex. As the mixture is allowed to migrate along the test strip, the conjugate/HIV antibody complex is captured by a second antibody immobilized on a membrane forming a colored test band in the test region. A negative sample does not produce a test band due to the absence of colloidal gold conjugate/HIV antibody complex. The antigens used in the conjugate test are recombinant proteins that correspond to highly immunoreactive regions of HIV1 and HIV2. A colored control band in the control region appears at the end of test procedure regardless of test result. This control band is the result of colloidal gold conjugate binding to the anti-HIV antibody immobilized on the membrane. The control band indicates that the colloidal gold conjugate is functional.Notice to the testing result Negative: Due to the window period, negative result does not guarantee there is no HIV antibody in low concentration. Thus the test should be repeated in 90 days. Positive: Please consult medical attention at once.Product hotline If you have any question on AttoHealth HIV rapid test kit, please call Attohealth Medical ClinicHong Kong Hotline: +852 65118200, Professional consultant will answer your questions.Support hotlines For any positive test result, additional testing is necessary to confirm a preliminary positive result. You may seek a doctor support and further consultation.
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    HIV AttoTest Rapid Home Test
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